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At Tamr, we believe that when employees are encouraged to learn and tackle new challenges, everyone benefits. If you are ready to see how a Tour of Duty at Tamr can accelerate your professional growth, fill out the form below or email

Why Tamr?

Why Work at Tamr

Tamr Cofounder and CEO Andy Palmer

Why Tamr?

At Tamr, we think the truth is pretty simple when it comes to building the best team possible: we need to provide you with better opportunities to develop professionally and personally than you could get elsewhere.

Easy to say. Not as easy to do. The most talented, ambitious people in the world have tons of options across industries of all shapes and businesses of all sizes. Startups like Tamr can’t afford to get into “arms races” over salary with most large companies. But we can and do commit fully to providing people with authentic growth opportunities and an environment we’ve designed to respect personal lives as much as professional lives.

Read Andy Palmer’s posts on professional development and the link between happy people and healthy startups for more details on Tamr’s approach and policies. But in practice this means defining your mission and trajectory upfront, then working with you aggressively to stretch for and surpass your goals. It means providing you a baseline level of security, benefits and work-life balance that many early-stage startups permit themselves to withhold. And it means not requiring or enforcing non-compete agreements, which we believe not only limits individual growth, but reduces entrepreneurial energy within the startup ecosystem overall.