Free O'Reilly Webcast: Integrating Customer Data (Toyota Motor Europe + Tamr)

Have a listen to this free O’Reilly webcast, which features Toyota Motor Europe (TME) General Manager Matt Stevens and Tamr field engineer Alan Wagner discussing customer data integration at scale. Specifically, Stevens and Wagner illustrate how a large enterprise like TME is radically simplifying the construction of a comprehensive, 360-degree view of its customers. Learn how how Tamr automatically unifies customer data by utilizing machine learning algorithms and human expert feedback, finally delivering the vital missing layer in the data integration stack: data unification at scale.
Customer data is among an enterprise’s most valuable assets, often holding the key to improved sales, retention, and customer service. Unfortunately, the systems used to capture customer information are often dedicated to single functions or geographies generating silos of data that are difficult to integrate cleanly with other sources. By removing these bottlenecks and creating a unified and enriched view of all customer data, companies including Toyota Motor Europe, GE and Thomson Reuters are:

  • Providing better service by unifying customer data from multiple channels
  • Identifying key opinion leaders within the organization
  • Reducing customer churn by improving the data quality of life-cycle analytics
  • Getting to these insights is difficult and often impossible using traditional ‘top-down’ approaches of standardizing data which quickly becomes insufficient when dealing with the scale of data variety found in today’s enterprise.

About Matt Stevens, General Manager — Toyota Motor Europe
A leader in Toyota Motor Europe information systems with twenty years experience in the European Automotive Industry gained in both IS and business positions, Matt Stevens has a proven track record for strategic thinking, innovation and strong execution in corporate, manufacturing, sales and R&D. Matt is an expert in Toyota-Way including the coaching and implementation of Toyota business practices.
About Alan Wagner, Field Engineer — Tamr
Alan Wagner is an engineer and one of the early members of the Tamr team. With a deep background in machine learning and big data, Alan has played a key role in developing Tamr’s technology to provide value for Tamr’s customers. Previously, Alan worked at Google and D.E. Shaw, and earned his computer science degree from MIT.