Schema First: The Train Wreck of Data Unification

We hope you enjoy this recorded webinar with Turing Award winner Dr. Michael Stonebraker.


Across industries, there’s an increased focus on getting business value from data, but this invariably requires unifying data from multiple enterprise silos often with public data from the web. The traditional approaches to data integration, Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) systems, Master Data Management (MDM) and rule engines adopt a “schema first” tactic and are often a “train wreck”, causing unification projects to fail.
In this webcast, 2014 Turing Award winner Dr. Michael Stonebraker explains why traditional approaches fail, using real life use cases with Fortune 100 companies who are saving tens of millions of dollars with an alternate architecture.

In this webcast, you’ll learn:
• Practical strategies for obtaining business value from data, including how to make use of human experts
• Common reasons why traditional data strategies fail
• Why the most impactful analytics strategies cross internal data silos
• Why enrichment is such a powerful unification tactic