Thomson Reuters Uses Tamr To Deliver Better Connected Content At A Fraction Of The Time And Cost Of Legacy Approaches


We have a very close relationship with Thomson Reuters. Not only are they one of our first customers but they’re also highly valued partners that work with us to help solve the most critical data problems in organizations across all industries. We are always looking for more ways to deliver highly impactful results to clients through the joint use of our products and services.
This relationship started with an initial engagement focused on using Tamr’s technology to integrate datasets from across Thomson Reuters into a firm-wide data model. It was this first initiative that launched us into a continuously growing partnership.
In the video below, Tim Baker – Thomson Reuters’ Global Head of Content Strategy and Innovation – speaks to this engagement, the organization’s data integration aspirations and how they used Tamr to:

  • Expedite their data integration efforts by several months
  • Reduce the manual effort needed to integrate datasets by over 40%
  • Achieve precision and recall rates of over 95%