Have No Fear, Catalog’s Here



In his recent analysis of Tamr’s new Catalog tool, Ovum Principal Analyst Tony Baer highlights an often overlooked benefit to an enterprise cataloging its diverse and sometimes “dark” data sources: Fear. Or more specifically “the fear among data owners of losing control over their data sets.”

Catalog is a logical map for all of an enterprise’s information, automatically cataloging all metadata available to the enterprise in a central, platform-neutral place. Through a combination of machine learning and human guidance, the metadata is organized by logical entities (what the data represents), rather than where the data is physically stored — making it easier for enterprises to find data necessary to answer critical business questions.

As Baer writes,

In contrast to MDM, Tamr’s approach does not strive to standardize or designate any data source as “golden” as MDM systems do. Rather, it encourages owners of data to share their data sets – and their knowledge about their data sets – minus the fear of ceding control to a data czar who will dictate what the data should look like or which source(s) are the “golden copies.”

In an effort to make it easier “spiritually” and — of course — practically, Tamr is releasing a free, standalone beta version of Catalog to any organization that wants to quickly inventory all data that exists in the enterprise … regardless of type, platform, or source.

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